Vivid Imagination

There is just so much awesome in that picture that it brings a tear to my eye

Imaginations are a wonderful thing.

As an aspiring writer I use my imagination in my everyday life. I use in in a similar way as Walter Mitty. (If you haven’t seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, you should really check that out…like today…)

One day as I walked to the bathroom I imagined a werewolf breaking into the office and demanding to face the one who killed his brother. His brother had gone on a killing spree and I had to put him down.

This is exactly how I saw it in my mind except I was black and wearing dickies and a polo shirt…

In recent times I’ve come to realize that today’s youth do not like to read as much as they used to. Whenever I ask a young person why don’t they like to read they say that it is boring.

I wondered about this because I love to read. There is nothing like reading a fantasy story and picturing how a castle looks. You get a loose description, but in your mind you can run free and explore things about the castle that aren’t mentioned. Like how many flags are there, where did the stones come from, or what does the air smell like near the baker’s shop.

When reading James Rollins novel Ice Hunt, I read his descriptions of the creatures. However, it was up to me to utilize the words he used to paint a mental picture of the behemoths. Yes, a film can give you a picture, but, that doesn’t replace the ability to use your imagination to create an image yourself. Writers spend lots of time trying to paint a picture with words; they do this with the hopes of giving us a world in which to escape.

When reading you place yourself in the story itself; escapism at its finest. So why doesn’t the youth like to read any more?

I am a young person who loves technology. I have a smart phone, I always am on social media and love video games. I think Netflix is a fantastic invention, and youtube is one of the greatest websites next to google. Yet, I believe technology is the reason the youth do not like to read.

Why would they have to spend time imagining what Hogwarts looks like when they can just go on their phones and watch the movie.

Ooohh, so it’s a building…why was I picturing Porky Pig with VD

I am not saying that technology will be the downfall of humanity. I think having the bible on your phone does not effect one’s study experience. A person doesn’t appreciate a book more if it’s on paper rather than in movie form, but I am saying that technology may be zapping the ability of today’s youth to have a desire to read.

We are trained to go for what’s quick and easy. You want to know something; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, it does become a problem when we loose the ability to be slow and steady.

Imagination is what led us to the moon, opened our minds, and it gave us technology beyond what our ancestors could have imagined.

However, maybe we should take a step back sometimes and let our imaginations take over…leading us to to inspire the future who will give us technology that we could never have imagined.

We get wonderful things when we let our imaginations run wild.

Thumbs up!!